Our Story

Hi, I'm Emile.

Wildflower Art Studio began when I started my first greeting card-making company in 4th grade.  I have always gravitated toward adventure:  living on a sailboat in the Caribbean, working as an island-sitter in the Bahamas, attempting a tandem-bicycle ride from San Diego to Canada.  

In my career as an artist, I have worked for the Savannah College of Art & Design, taught High School Art in Texas, and I am currently a full-time artist, mom and adventurer living in Denton, Texas.  I have a BFA in Painting and an MA in Art Education.  My greatest passion is providing my students with tools to share their own stories. 
I have learned that some of the most wonderful adventures are the simplest.  I enjoy watching the fireflies on a warm summer night, feeling the salty air at Sea, stargazing and exploring in the woods with my little adventurers.  

I hope to meet you soon!  If you can't make it to a class, stop by to say "hi" on Instagram.